Warriors old boys steal the show

The Isle of Wight Wightlink Warriors and Wizards speedway teams were left to lick their wounds after both sides failed to master their Devon rivals. The Warriors went down 42-48 to Plymouth in the National Trophy while the Wizards were beaten 16-20 by Exeter in the Development League.

Tracking four ex-Warriors who combined to score 41 of their 48 point total, Plymouth had the star men on the night with Nathan Stoneman racking up a maximum 15 points, Ben Wilson suffering just one defeat and Scott Campos backing up with 12.
The Warriors could not stop the succession of race wins by the visitors, and unfortunately the Warriors malaise reached the Wizards as well as they succumbed to the visiting Exeter Falcons.

Warriors: Georgie Wood 9, Chris Widman 1+1, Ryan Terry-Daley 4, Danno Verge 8, Ben Morley 8, Connor King 4+2, Chad Wirtzfeld 8+3.
Plymouth: Ben Wilson 12+1, Richard Andrews (R/R), Scott Campos 12, Adam Extance 5+2, Nathan Stoneman 15, Adam Sheppard 2+1, Jamie Bursill 2.
Wizards: Chad Wirtzfeld 6, Jamie Sealey 2, Ben Ilsley 0, Chris Watts 8.
Exeter: Max Pankhurst 5+2, James Chattin 3, Saul Bulley 11, Adam Sheppard 1.