VECTIS VIEW: Richard Tice – Leader of the Reform Party

Many of us have a vision of our country being somewhere we can proudly call home, where our children are protected and nurtured, and our elderly are cherished and looked after in their hour of need.

We want clean streets, safe towns and villages, schools that educate not indoctrinate, seas and rivers that we can swim in safely. We want to be able to see a dentist or a doctor and know that if something needs to be done, it will be. We want to be able to afford to have a single income household, and keep more of our hard-earned cash in our own pockets. We want to feel secure in our own homes, knowing that we can pass them on to the next generation should we choose to. We want our values upheld, and our laws enforced.

We have seen many scandals unfold these past few months, that have been allowed to drag on, fester and ruin many lives. From the Post Office Horizon system to the contaminated blood victims, the government, civil servants and medical professionals have all played their part in covering up and ignoring the pleas from the victims. It seems that those in power don’t listen to us any more, until it doesn’t seem to matter and those responsible have dodged the bullet.

Things need to change, and fast.

The Island is absolutely beautiful, but the price many pay to live here is too high. Many of the problems we face as a whole are exacerbated by that small stretch of water. It means that it’s not just a simple drive for a few extra miles to reach a dentist that can offer an appointment.

You cannot elect to have your surgery at a different hospital, as the ferry travel and mainland accommodation costs would be prohibitive.

You cannot choose a better performing school or college for your children in the next county, as it would mean two boat trips every day.

The elderly population of the Island is significant, yet more and more Island hospital services are being transferred to the mainland.

Common sense would suggest increasing capacity and services, not reducing them.

It’s not just the elderly who suffer because of the reduction in services. Cancer patients, and babies born prematurely, are often whisked away from the support of their families to receive treatment across the water.

Islanders are also more exposed to the harms of the water companies contaminating our rivers and seas. Besides the serious harms to health and the environment, it also has a direct impact on tourism. The Island economy is heavily reliant on this sector, and those responsible should be held to account for their mismanagement and dangerous decision making.

We need all of our systems to work better for all of us. The legacy parties, Conservatives and Labour, have proved they cannot provide us with even the very basic needs for living a happy and healthy life. They have both proved to us, via their track records and the current state of the country, that they cannot run our country the way it needs to be.

It’s time to try something new. Britain must unashamedly put British interests first.

Reform UK will do exactly that. No gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors. No sleight of hand. Just good old-fashioned, honest, common sense.

I will be on the Island this coming Monday (May 27). I will be speaking alongside your local Reform UK candidates, Sarah Morris and Ian Pickering, at The Riverside Centre in Newport.

Please contact Sarah Morris on 07435 122180 for details.

This article was written before the July 4 General Election was announced.