Vaccination concerns lead to protest at the IW College

By Press Release Sep 29, 2021

By Toby Brown

Protests occurred yesterday (Thursday) at the Isle of Wight College as concerned parents took their message directly to a pop-up vaccination centre on the college site.

With a police presence, the parents served a mock cease-and-desist notice and notice of liability to those running the vaccination centre.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are here representing a growing group of Island parents who are deeply concerned that the Government has ignored the recommendations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, and will press ahead with the roll-out of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 12 and above.”

When asked about the negative viewpoint many Islanders may feel about their position, he responded: “None of us are ‘anti-vaxxers’ and we have always supported vaccination for our children against severe illnesses with vaccinations that have been vigorously researched and trialled for an extensive period of time before being approved for use.”

Recent studies have shown that children have an almost 100 per cent recovery rate after testing positive for Covid, and a government committee has said there is little to no evidence that there is any benefit to vaccinating children. It is widely accepted that the decision to press ahead with vaccinating teenagers was finely balanced.

The spokesman continued: “We cannot allow our children to be placed at risk until there has been a full, open, independent and transparent debate on the effect of these vaccines, particularly as the long-term effects are completely unknown. Coupled with the fact that the manufacturers have been given total exemption for any resulting liability for death and injury from their product, this all causes us to question its safety.

“We call for an immediate halt to the use of our children in these trials and we ask all those involved in any capacity in the roll-out of the vaccine to children to stop and pause and consider the future well-being of those children. This includes all teachers, public health officials and councillors, as well as those clinicians actively carrying out the vaccination procedure on children.

“We urge Island parents with concerns to support us to get our voices heard. We cannot allow the health of our children to be jeopardised by an unknown and uncertain risk.”

The group followed up serving the notices by displaying boards along the dual carriage way to try and spread awareness of their cause, with many drivers honking their horns in support.
The group can be contacted via their website