Two new additions to the Donkey Sanctuary

By IW May 18, 2022

The Donkey Sanctuary in Wroxall has welcomed two new donkeys, Hannah and Hazel.

Rehomed locally from Whitwell, they were loved and cared for, but the owners became too unwell to give them what they needed.

On-line fund-raising and social media manager, Lucy Smith, said: “They were owned by a couple locally who have become old and unwell and did not feel capable of giving them the care that they deserve, so they asked us to take them on. They’re really lovely, friendly girls, with strong characters. We are still getting to know them but we can tell that they will be very popular with everyone. They are both a little chunky so will be in the ‘Weight and See’ herd for a while until they lose a bit of weight.”

When they arrived, the donkeys were kept in light quarantine for a short period of time, to ensure they were fit and healthy. They are slightly overweight so, once cleared from quarantine, they will be introduced into the ‘Weight and See’ group in order to remove some of that extra weight to be as healthy as possible.