SWAY climb high for Charities on the Island

Through a fantastic effort 13 young people and 6 adults climbed Scafell Pike from home during the lockdown and raised more than £2,200 for South Wight Youth (SWAY) and Isle of Wight Foodbank. The ‘Hike at Home’ challenge had them climbing their home stairs a number of times each day to get them to the summit.

SWAY wanted to do something to bring the young people together and inspire them in a joint venture whilst in isolation as well as raising some funds. The climbers logged their progress over the days with some really excellent videos of the arduous endeavours of young and old alike. Some started carrying more weight up the hill, some tried to beat their time each day, some just aimed to get to the top while others were forced to do night climbs! The upcoming film evidence currently being put together will make a gripping watch!

SWAY want to say an enormous thank you to all of those who gave and supported the journey up that iconic mountain. It truly gave all who took part a sense of purpose at this difficult time and was thoroughly enjoyable. The commitment and energy was impressive, and surprising, but doing it all together helped those tired legs to keep going. It focused minds on climbing the real Scafell Pike next year when the charity takes a number of young
people to the Lakes.

Andy Dorning, Lead Youth Worker said, ‘It has been great fun but despite being a bit tiring, well worthwhile and I am so proud of all those taking part. Sseeing what outfits or challenges they set for them themselves each day was hugely entertaining. It has involved so many family supporters as well as the climbers that it has felt like a real community’.

SWAY continues to offer 1:1 support and youth meetings through internet technology during this time and hopes to arrange other together opportunities in the coming months.

SWAY has had to cancel a number of fundraising events during the lockdown and this summer and this has impacted on the resources of the charity. Some activities sessions and trips with the young people and families have also had to be postponed. The support so generously given for the hike has been a lifeline and gratefully received.

For more details about the work of SWAY go to www.southwightyouth.org or email swayoffice1@gmail.com.