STAR LETTER: Please try to get on!

Dear Editor,

Whoever we end up with as our two MPs on Friday morning, let’s hope they have a better track record of working with others than Mr Seely did. Islanders will forgive a great deal if they know that people are doing the very best they can and pulling together for the sake of all of us.

Richard Quigley (Labour), Sarah Morris (Reform UK) and Joe Robertson (Conservative)

I was particularly pleased to see on your online coverage of IW Armed Forces Day, candidates from Labour, Conservatives (not Mr Seely) and Reform standing together and smiling – and their smiles looked genuine. Please politicians – remember that you are elected to serve us, and if there are differences – as there always are between parties – then deal with them like grown-ups and still respect each other.

And if we are unfortunate enough to wake up later this week and find that Mr Seely has held on to his seat, then he should learn from those three candidates who are so clearly able to get on with each other. Get in touch with those you have fallen out with, apologise and move forward in a different way.

I have been a Conservative all my life, but, as I live in Newport, Mr Seely will be on my ballot paper, I find myself dithering between the Labour and Reform candidates. I shall probably make up my mind when I pick up my pencil in the polling booth on Thursday morning!

Sue Grey, Newport