See moment Bembridge council meeting erupts in fish shop sale row

This is the moment Alexander Hopkinson-Woolley, an ex-BPC councillor berated the parish council for a number of issues concerning what he called, “financial neglect” and “incompetent neglect”.

His speech formed part of an argument that has been going on since May 2016 between parishioners and council members over the future of Captain Stan’s Fish Store in 5/7 High Street, Bembridge.

Police were called to the Bembridge Parish Council (BPC) meeting on Tuesday (July 18) in Bembridge Village Hall at around 7.10pm after Mr Hopkinson-Woolley called the council “financially incompetent”.

BPC own 5/7 High Street which houses public toilets, Captain Stan’s and the former BPC chambers.

On May 29, BPC asked the following question: “Do you want Bembridge Parish Council to sell 5/7 High Street – Yes or No”?

The poll concluded on June 28 when the parish voted “No” overwhelmingly, with 602 votes against the sale of Captain Stan’s Fish Store, to 231 for it.

The parish poll cost £1,370.30 and the recent uncontested election fee was £167.76, Isle of Wight Council documents seen by IW Observer show.

The poll came after a 1300 name petition against the sale of 5/7 High Street in January 2017.

The petition preceded an independent political group being set up, named Open Bembridge,  whose campaign run in the May 2017 elections saw 10 out of 12 Open Bembridge councillors elected.

Cllr Fagan and Bembridge Parish Council have been asked for comment.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: “Officers were called just after 7.10pm to Bembridge Village Hall, High Street, Bembridge.

“It was reported that a man was causing a disturbance during a council meeting.

“The man left before police arrived. The matter is under investigation.”

Video by Liz Mitchell.