Seaside rendezvous at Figgy Gig for season finale

by Jean G-Owen

Red sails in the sunset, yellow polka-dot bikinis, cockles and muscles, and amorous guys in Greek tavernas, created a heady mix for last Friday’s Figgy Gig season finale.

Ukulele duo 2Gether in Harmony (Glynis Barcham/Ruth Hibbert) warmly welcomed all at CHOYD in Yarmouth. Hosts, Jean G-Owen and Cheryl May, opened the show with the Figgy anthem. Linda O’Connor’s lyrical set brought a touch of summer magic, and Graham Brown’s poetry sparkled. Singer, Steve French, made a striking debut with dextrous guitar playing. Amy Jolliffe’s acoustic numbers added an aquatic flavour to the evening. Phoenix Sahar Egyptian Dance (Dawn Everest), and her troupe Nefertari (Yvonne Collins, Sally Garrett, Mary Harrison, Esme Johnston), mesmerised the audience with elegant dances. Triple Crones (Jean, Cheryl and Sandy Kealty) cast age-defying spells across the stage.

Jackie Gallaher combined depth and drama for a captivating performance accompanied by 2Gether in Harmony and concertina player, Lin Watterson. Poppy Snelling made an impression with her wow brows and nails. The evening ended with a vibrant rendition of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, led by Ross Westrop.

The Big Summer Figgy Gig is on Saturday, August 10. The new Figgy Gig season starts on October 4 — all enquiries to Jean G-Owen on 07715 985689.