New IW literary magazine, The Figlet, leaves footprints

by Jean G-Owen

The Figlet Issue Two, the new IW literary magazine, launches as part of the Biosphere Festival weekend on Saturday, June 29, at Medina Bookshop, Cowes, from 7pm to 9pm. This publication, founded by Jean G-Owen, “gives a fig” about Island writers and illustrators. Published twice a year, in January and June, by Naked Figleaf Press, the magazine offers a diversity of topics and styles that match the scale of creativity on the Island.

Jean said: “I am thrilled with the number of submissions received for the latest issue. Selecting from such a wealth of talent has been a difficult task.”

With a total of forty-eight contributors, The Figlet is packed with poems, short stories, observational pieces and interviews from some of the Island’s well-known writers, such as Hillard Morley, Maggie Sawkins, and Emily Gillatt-Ball. It also showcases many gifted emerging wordsmiths and illustrators, such as Karl Whitmore, designer of the cover artwork.

In this issue, alongside diverse subject matter that includes traffic, nostalgia, June brides, summer holiday homes, and flower shows, there’s a vibrant section devoted to the featured theme “Footprints”, an apt topic for a biosphere festival.

Jean said: “I hope this venture adds to a flourishing literary tradition that dates back to Tennyson.”

You can book a free place at The Figlet launch via

The Figlet is £5 and is available from June 29 at the following outlets: Medina Bookshop, Cowes, Babushka Bookshop, Shanklin, The Cabin Freshwater, or via