Polytunnel will help keep IW gardening costs down

By IW Observer.co.uk May 24, 2022
A Care in the Garden volunteer, Steve Porter and Kay Marriott

A new 48ft poly tunnel, which will be used to grow perennials and herbs commercially, has been opened at Care in the Garden, Wootton.

Care In The Garden is a community interest company which has been running since 2012, and gives around 90 people with disabilities the right to work.

John Goodenough and Kay Marriott

Steve Goodenough, one of its original founders, said: “We are looking to the future of growing plants on the Island with support workers.

“There is a lot of competition over here selling plants and we are touching base with the wholesale side of the business. To this end, we are now working with a Dutch company, Van Vliet, which has a stronghold in this country.

“This will help to keep our prices as competitive as we can in this current climate. People love their gardens as a hobby, pastime and passion, but it can be expensive.

“Their garden is like an extension of their house and we want them to furnish it as a reasonable price.”

The project is supported by Wight Aid, and Steve Porter representing the charity, along with High Sheriff, Kay Marriott, opened the tunnel. East Cowes Deputy Mayor, Karl Love, was also in attendance.