Check on loved ones with free photograph

A professional Ryde-based photographer was asked by a friend to take photos of some elderly Islanders to let their relatives know they are safe and well and have some contact. Graham Reading, who lives in West Street has now offered to take photographs whilst taking his daily walk, from a safe distance of course, and post the pictures on his Graham Reading Photography Facebook page or accessible from a link from his blog.

Graham said: ”I know many people are worried about how their loved ones are managing, particularly if they are elderly or live alone. I am taking a daily walk around Ryde and thought this may help people keep in touch. Some may want to write a message and hold it up to their window, or I can take a picture from across the street. I’m happy to do what I can to help put peoples’ minds at rest.”

He has trialled the idea successfully on a few friends, and it has helped to lift spirits and alleviate boredom. It is not only the young interested, but also parents wanting to see children they are separated from.

You can see photographs Graham has already taken at

If you’d like a photo taken of yourself or a loved one please email or call 07931 324220. There will be no charge and you can be as creative as you want. He doesn’t mind long walks and is willing to take photographs elsewhere if they can be fitted into his other essential journeys.

Marie Flynn
Charis-Mayy Sedgwickk
Steph and Ray Edwards
Ann Abe – Deacon (Principal of Dance-Vibez dance school)
Marie Smith
Seb Barclay
Donna Jones Mbe and Tyson (12)