Photos of Robert Stigwood sculpture campaigners want back in East Cowes

A piece of Isle of Wight heritage and art could be brought to East Cowes if campaigners are successful in raising funds for its transportation. 

Island sculptor, Norman Gaches, carved the stump of a tree at Robert Stigwood’s Whippingham home after the storm of 1987 snapped a tree trunk.

It features a Greek scene (not Roman as previously reported) and adorned the gardens of Barton Manor for many years at the famous music and film producers home.

The principle figure is Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, which Mr Gaches thought appropriate for the manor because of its vineyard.

Dionysus is accompanied by his wife Ariadne, father Zeus, and a symbol of the Dionysian cult – a goat.

The sculpture was so loved by Mr Stigwood he even had it chainsawed away from the roots and shipped to his new property in Ascot when he moved away from the Island.

Norman Gaches and his fine work of art

Luke Gaches, son of the wood carver Norman Gaches, said: “Unfortunately, when the lorry arrived they realised it didn’t fit through the gate.

“The decision was then made to place it at a nearby garden centre in Ascot.

“Sadly, it has been rather neglected at the garden centre and consequently we, as a family, support the prospect of the sculptures return to the Island.”

A crowdfunding campaign to bring the sculpture back to the Island has been started by an East Cowes Town Councillor and local resident.

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On its way to Ascot, the sculpture had to be free with a chainsaw

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Robert Stigwood was the manager of bands Cream and the Bee Gees

The sculpture as it is now in Ascot
A close up shot of the sculpture

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