New 2018 recycling/waste booklet is out now

The 2018 annual recycling and waste services booklet will begin to arrive on people’s doorsteps from 29 May onwards.

Following feedback in the annual recycling and waste services survey, the booklet has been updated to include a clearer list of what can be recycled and other new services available, such as the garden waste collection.

The recycling and waste collection calendar is also part of the booklet; and this year, again, includes school holiday dates.

The booklet contains key information on recycling and waste collection including additional services such as collection plus, assisted collections, bulky waste collections, and the free re-use collection service. It also provides details on what items can be taken to household waste recycling centres at Lynnbottom, Newport and Afton Marsh, Freshwater.

Also this year, the booklet contains key information on waste collections for owners of holiday lets and self-catering properties and where to find further details.

The booklets are being posted by Royal Mail and all households should receive one by 2 June.

If a household has not received a booklet by 2 June they can log on to and download a collection calendar specific to their property or can request a booklet by contacting the council on (01983) 823777.