Another revised timetable for the floating bridge

A revised timetable for Cowes floating bridge – aimed at resolving issues around its chain depth at certain tides – is to be introduced.

Currently, the required clearance between the chains and passing vessels during the spring mid-ebb and low water tide cannot be guaranteed.

The Isle of Wight Council and Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) are working together to find a solution, while also ensuring the maritime economy is supported at a key time of year.

The move will require the service to be suspended for a few hours over approximately ten days a month at different times.

Council leader Councillor Dave Stewart said: “The days and times of the tides are known well in advance, so we hope by advising people now we can limit the disruption.

“Solving the challenge of the chain depth during the spring mid-ebb to low water tide is the final piece of the jigsaw for getting the good and reliable service the council and the public are so keen to see.

“We are pleased to be working with CHC to get the right balance between the community and mariners’ needs, especially as we move into the peak yachting season.”

The floating bridge will be able to run more efficiently and quietly during times of high and low water, offering an uninterrupted service for 20 days a month.

A passenger launch will be available when the floating bridge is suspended.

The revised timetable for the next three months is available under Related Links (see top right).