New Energise Me project launched

By Press Release Nov 3, 2021

Sandown and Lake have secured funding for a six month youth project in the Bay, with local councillors launching the project as part of National Youthwork Week.

The launch took place at Sandown’s Broadway Centre, with project development officer, Julian Wadsworth, of Community Action (IW) attending. He said: “It is a much needed start, and we hope that we can secure further funding and increase coverage across the Bay, very much led by young people themselves.”

The £9,552 grant from Energise Me and Sport England, provides youth worker sessions in Sandown and Lake, and targeted activities which will help increase the local workforce, and contribute to the Bay’s sustainability plan.

Paddy Lightfoot, Adam Farley and John Marshall

Lake councillor, John Marshall, welcomed the funding. He said: “This is an example of partnership working helping secure external funding, and benefitting local young people.”

Bay resident, Adam Farley, said: “I benefitted from attending a youth centre, and I’m sure this project will help young people in the Bay – I know there is a need.”

Adam also helped provide a recycled cheque for the presentation and will be involved in consultation, monitoring and evaluation throughout the project.