Monster Mayhem really hits the spot at Shanklin Theatre

First Act staged a sumptuous play and cabaret show at Shanklin Theatre, just before the Easter break.

The company of adults and their support workers working together made a fun and engaging evening all round, that really showed off the diverse talents of the cast.

The play, ‘Monster Mayhem’, told the story of two hikers, played capably by Sarah Louise McEvoy and Jade Hornbuckle, getting lost in the woods and stumbling upon what they thought was a Hallowe’en party, only to find the party guests a little more nightmarishly real then they were expecting.

Rachel Stone was a lively and ferocious werewolf, Lisa Carter was a very sinister vampire, and the Zombies really got some laughs with their grunts and cries for ‘brains’. It was a timely story about accepting who people are and working together which was told in a short but well-paced time.

Excellent props to director, Traci Stockman, as well as Lottie Ladler. Coupled with a bopping soundtrack and you had such a great show that I was altogether a little sad for it to end so soon.

The cabaret side was ably hosted by Carl Harvey and Dominic Pope, and the First Act crew showed off all sorts of talents, including an excellent recorder recital by Theresa Rose, a well-thought-out dance by Catherine Coeshott, Pete Allen’s Agadoo and Natalie Rann’s rendition of Unbreak My Heart.

It was clear that the enthusiasm and joy from those taking part on stage was huge and it was very infectious to watch.

Events like this really showcase the good that drama and theatre can bring in empowering confidence and artistic endeavour in all people. Programmes such as First Act need support to continue doing such good work like this show. Long may it continue.