Lurid green pond concerns residents

By Chris Cornford Jun 6, 2021

Seasonal increases in algae have alarmed visitors to the iconic duck pond in Shanklin.

The water has turned an extreme shade of lurid green, endangering the wildlife dependent on the pond because oxygen levels in the water drop when there is an excess of algae.
Local residents have contacted the Isle of Wight Council and local Green Town Volunteers, to raise concerns and highlight the need for urgent action to avoid permanent harm to the local eco-system.

Shanklin Green Town volunteer Esther Knight said: “We are really concerned about the regular problems faced by the duckpond, the ducks, and the impact on the local environment and we support the residents that have highlighted these issues.”
Fellow volunteer Sue Godden added: “The pond is very much a jewel in the crown of the old village and Big Mead, and a long term solution needs to be found to the problems faced by the pond and animals whose home it is.”

Several residents say they are awaiting responses from the local authority. In the past the local fire service has been asked to help aerate the pond and address reduced water levels.
Some forms of algae can produce toxins that can cause serious illness or even death in dogs. The PDSA advises dog owners to take a cautious approach and not to let their pets swim in or drink from any water that could contain toxic algae.