Lost and found group steps in after police shake-up

Police across the country are no longer expected to accept lost property reports, except in certain circumstances.

It means if you lose your wallet, the police probably won’t help you – and if you find someone else’s wallet, they might not help with that either.

Island Facebook group, Lost and Found IOW, say police have already been referring people to their page after the changes were implemented on October 1 by the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

The changes were brought in to free up staff in police stations as it was decided lost property is not a police matter.

Kevin Chance, owner of the group said: “I’d like the people of our Island to be made aware of the many successes of our group. Currently, we have around 9500 members – a fraction of the Island’s population. I’d love this group to grow in mammoth proportions and create many more success stories of lost and found items being reunited with the rightful owner.

“Sometimes, we receive support from a metal detecting group and have some truly amazing stories to tell. One gentleman lost his wedding ring on Shanklin Beach whilst out swimming – ring was found within two days. Another lady lost her engagement ring a few days before she was due to get married, but this time the ring was found within 24 hours.

“I’m proud of the group I created and all of its supportive members, but many more people need to know about us.”

You can find the group here: Facebook.com/groups/892255830821557/