Summer tourism figures show boost for the Island

Summer tourism figures show the Isle of Wight has enjoyed a visitor and spending increase. 

The figures from Tourism South East have been partially released early this year to Visit Isle of Wight.

In July, August and September, the Island enjoyed an increase of just over 15,000 visitors compared to the same time the previous year.

Although a large percentage of the visitors that came are classed as domestic, international visitors also make up a noticeable percentage.

In particular, there is a growing trend in visitors from the Benelux region of Europe, including the Netherlands and Belgium – marketing will be focussed more in this region next year to attract even more visitors.


Ventnor by drone – credit to

Spending has increased too, in summer 2017, domestic day visitors spent just over £20.

This year domestic day visitors on to the Island for the same period have been spending £49.49. That is 139% up on the year on year.

The official data dashboard is due to be released at the beginning of November by Tourism South East, condensing the huge range of statistics.

This will be available at