Life-long Labour Party reaches her centenary

By Press Release Sep 1, 2021

Ruby Cooper, who lives in Shanklin, was presented with bouquets of flowers, cards and congratulations on her 100th birthday, by members of the local Labour Party and IW councillor, Richard Quigley, at the Tile House Care Home.

Richard, who stood for parliament in 2019, visited Ruby, a life-long member of the Labour Party and local resident for over 50 years, to mark her special day. He said: “Congratulations Ruby on reaching your 100th birthday today. We appreciate your support for Labour over many years, and also the support your husband gave as a life-long member of the Labour Party and trade union movement.”

Born in 1921, at a time when women in Britain had to wait until they were 30 to be entitled to vote, Ruby was 18 at the outbreak of the Second World War. While local friends and members were disappointed that they were unable to join in the celebrations because of Covid restrictions, they plan to make up for it when circumstances change.