“Kissy Puppy” receives £3,000 thanks to local Freemasons

© KissyPuppy / Facebook

An Isle of Wight charity that offers support for children who have life-shortening conditions has been boosted by a cheque for £3,000 donated by a lodge of Freemasons.

“Kissy Puppy” The Sophie Rolf Trust is named after a six year old who died from a brain tumour in 2013. Sophie said early on in her treatment that she wanted to help other children and the trust ensures that wish continues in her name.

It has partnered with Mounbatten and the local NHS to support and develop services on the island for children and young people with life-shortening conditions, and their families.

Dino Camoccio, the master of East Medina Lodge that meets in Ryde, wanted to raise money to help young people. He said: “The main reason for choosing this charity was that it is specifically for children who have serious life shortening illnesses.

“As I felt so fortunate to have reached retirement age relatively unscathed, I wanted to do something for those so less fortunate than myself.

“I had a meeting with Aaron Rolf, Sophie’s Dad, and started the ball rolling.

“We organised lunches, a ladies night, dinner and dance and lots of raffles and lots of other fundraisers.

“With the help of the other members of the lodge we raised £3,000.

“Aaron visited the lodge and we were able to present the cheque. He gave a splendid speech explaining how and why the charity was formed, the ways in which it continues to raise monies and how that money is being spent.”

The Sophie Rolf Trust first began to create a respite facility on the Isle of Wight for children with serious life shortening illness and their families.

Before this children and their families had to travel to the mainland for this facility.
Although Mountbatten has long provided these facilities for adults, it is down to the Sophie Rolf Trust that similar and ever-increasing facilities for children are available.