Isle of Wight Pride to investigate gazebo incident that caused injuries

Isle of Wight Pride confirmed they will investigate an incident that saw some people suffer minor injuries at the festival. 

A gazebo belonging to the Scouts came loose after a gust of wind caused a tent to “leave its allocated position” and cause injuries.

Four people were suffered “minor injuries” on Saturday (July 21) within the Pride arena in Ryde.

A spokesman for the Scouts said: “We are aware of in incident that took place at Isle of Wight Pride last weekend in which a gust of wind caused a tent to leave its allocated position and cause some minor injuries to four people who attended the event.

“We are working with the event organisers to establish what happened in this case. We wish those who sustained cuts and bruises a rapid recovery.”

Star Wars characters all dressed up for Pride – Robby Dee Photography

A spokesman for IW Pride said: “Isle of Wight Pride can confirm that during the event on Saturday a Scout gazebo came loose and was lifted by a gust of wind causing minor injuries to four people watching the event.

“The incident was dealt with quickly and professionally by Pride volunteers and the medical staff on site.

“All involved were very well looked after by the medical team and the incident cleared within 15 mins allowing the event to continue.

“Matt Bundy from Isle of Wight Pride has made contact with those who suffered cuts and bruises to check on their welfare and recovery and has ensured that the incident will be fully investigated.”