Isle of Wight General Election 2024: West Wight

Meet the candidates for West Wight who will be asking you to vote for them on July 4. We invited each of them to submit up to 120 words to give you an idea of what is important to them and why you should consider supporting them to become your MP.

Cameron Palin – Green Party
This election brings the prospect of real change. For too long Islanders have been let down by our current MP and his predecessors. It is time for a fresh start; Islanders deserve an MP who will stand up for them and deliver on the issues they care about.

Having a Green MP for Isle of Wight West would not only be historic but truly powerful! The Island always does politics differently, so it’s time to show Labour and the Conservatives Islanders want change. By electing me as your MP, I would hold the government to account on issues that affect us all, like the appalling ferry services, NHS waiting lists, underfunding of local councils, SEND crisis and lack of affordable housing.

Richard Quigley – Labour
Rishi Sunak has finally done the thing the whole country and the Island are desperate for in calling a general election. We are fed up with the Tory government, and our beleaguered MP, Bob Seely, not delivering for the Island. I am ready to fight the election and make the change the Island needs on ferries, the NHS and dentistry, home ownership, education and the environment.

With only Tory representation on the Island, we are invisible to government. July 4 can’t come soon enough.

Nick Stuart – Liberal Democrat
The announcement from a dripping PM is a welcome relief from years of incompetence, economic mismanagement and a destruction of public services.

As a successful councillor on drainage, housing, Island industries and the Military Road, I have the track record to pursue local needs at a national level.

Ferries, NHS and sewage are just a few examples of the focus needed now. And as someone who cares about our Island I will listen and act.

Bob Seely – Conservative
I’m looking forward to the campaign and am ready for the challenge. The choice will be clear. The Conservatives have a plan to get inflation down, living standards up, improve controls on immigration and to reduce NHS waiting lists. The left-wing parties, including Labour, don’t have a plan to tackle any of the big challenges facing the country.

I’ll also be highlighting the damage that Labour would do to our environment, due to their plan to concrete over our greenfield, whilst their open-door policy on immigration will put public services under huge strain.

We need to stick with Rishi and our plan to get inflation down, get the economy growing and get migration under control.

Ian Pickering – Reform UK
Reform UK are ready to fix broken Britain. On July 4, the people of West Wight can be part of an historic general election that will be seen as the one that changed British politics for the better – for ever. I believe that the people of the whole of the Isle of Wight have had enough. Do you believe that the Conservative Party has really delivered for the Island? If you don’t, just think what re-electing a Conservative candidate to sit in opposition will mean. Five years of nothing at all. By voting for Reform, you have an opportunity to make a real difference to the whole of the United Kingdom by voting for the change we so desperately need.