Isle of Wight General Election 2024: East Wight

Meet the candidates for East Wight who will be asking you to vote for them on July 4. We invited each of them to submit up to 120 words to give you an idea of what is important to them and why you should consider supporting them to become your MP.

Vix Lowthian – Green Party
There’s sewage in our oceans, huge queues for the NHS, no dentists around and the cost of living is sky high. This government is right out of steam and right out of ideas.

Meanwhile, Islanders are desperate for change and an MP who will stand up for them. As a parent, a teacher and an islander I know that residents are fed up with broken promises. I am ready to be your new MP.

The Conservatives are highly likely to lose this election. There has never been a better time to vote Green; to elect MPs who truly care about our Island and will hold a Labour government to account. That time is now.

Sarah Morris – Reform UK
I have always tried to make a difference, either by fund-raising or volunteering. I believe the role of an MP is a continuation of that. You need to understand how people are dealing with life, not appear for photo opportunities.

The flooding in Ryde exemplifies just how badly run our systems are. As part of The Strand Area Flood Association, I have dealt with the council and central government departments. I can tell you that the most useful help we have had so far has been from local volunteers. This shows exactly what is wrong with our country and I desperately want to try and change things. We need people who will speak up for us, and put us first.

Joe Robertson – Conservative
On July 4 the East Wight will have a new MP.

It is an exciting opportunity to reshape our Island’s future.

I was out knocking on doors in Ryde yesterday, talking to fellow residents about our shared priorities for improving community care, supporting local schools and promoting business and jobs.

I will be out every day between now and polling day and look forward to meeting you if we haven’t met already.

Michael Lilley – Liberal Democrat
I am slightly in deep shock, but overall delighted, that Rishi has called the election as this Conservative Government has been a disaster for the UK and the Isle of Wight. It is 50 years since the late great Steve Ross won for the Liberals; I was 16 at the time. I believe the Lib Dems can reclaim their heritage as the party to win in 2024.

My team is in place and we are ready to go in the East Wight. I will highlight and campaign on the issues that are important to Islanders, such as the NHS, environment and climate change, cost of living crisis, the economy and Island identity.

Emily Brothers – Labour
The Ventnor landslip, Ryde floods and rain downfall on 14 years of Conservative failure has been tough on local people. The villages and towns that bring together Isle of Wight East deserve better and now have an opportunity to seize positive change with Labour.

In the coming weeks I will continue engaging with residents, community groups and businesses to explain Labour’s plans for economic growth, improving the NHS, and other public services. As your local MP, I will work relentlessly to represent the interests of local people. The constituency is my priority, and I’m best placed to work with a Labour government to reverse the Tory cost-of-living crisis, regenerate our high streets and protect our amazing coastal resources.