Island’s High Sheriff Graham Biss recruits team ‘GB’ members

Members celebrate Volunteer’s Week

Volunteers at Shanklin Voluntary Youth & Community Centre (SVYCC), known as TC’s, marked National Volunteers Week, with a visit from the Island’s High Sheriff, Graham Biss, and to mark the occasion dubbed themselves part of Team ‘GB’.

The centre, established in the 1960s, provides disco, dance and drama activities for its members, with table-tennis, martial arts and other activities for young and older children, alongside community events, such as the popular Thursday Club for ‘older’ members.

Mr Biss said: “It was a vibrant and fun evening, with Mark and the team of dedicated volunteers providing an invaluable and brilliant service. The ‘Sweet Caroline’ finish was very uplifting.”

SVYCC is also working with Shanklin Youth Football Club, to help establish three new youth services for 2024-25, and with Shanklin Carnival on this summer’s activities.

Leader, Mark Biddlecombe, said: “The members, and volunteers, appreciated the time Graham gave to all that goes on at the centre and we are all now a part of ‘Team GB!’”