Islanders for Europe join national march in London

More than 50 Islanders joined around 700,000 protestors who marched through London to demand a People’s Vote on leaving the European Union.

Starting at Hyde Park on Saturday (October 20), a horde of people from across the UK joined the second biggest protest since the one million who attended the Stop the War March in 2003.

They held placards and banners that were critical of this government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.

The march ended with a rally outside parliament where politicians, campaigners and celebrities, including Delia Smith, addressed the crowd.

Islanders for Europe at the march in London

Some Islanders were redirected at Trafalgar Square due to the streets being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers who turned out in support of a People’s Vote.

Glenn Koppany, chair of Islanders for Europe, said: “It’s been such a fantastic day – a real carnival atmosphere full of singing, drumming and marching to make ourselves heard. An absolutely incredible turn out!

“We never expected so many Islanders to make the effort to travel to London – some of them have never marched in their lives before. Now we will take this energy and positivity back to continue our campaigning on the island.”

Iain McKie, former UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for the Island, said: “I enthusiastically approve of people’s right to attend peaceful demonstrations as long as they are consistent with the upholding of civil society and the democratic process.

“The People’s Vote march, however, was intent upon overturning democracy and so its merits must be taken with caution. The electorate voted on in 2016 to Leave the European Union with no ifs nor buts.

“This necessarily included such things as the Internal Market and the Customs Union. This was clear and upheld by a parliamentary vote. To demonstrate against this threatens our democratic process, and while I am glad the march went off peacefully, we should be very wary of where the anti-Brexit lobby are taking us.”

Islanders for Europe display their flag at the march

Vix Lowthion travelled up to London with her family, she said: “We are living in historic times and now is the time to get involved. Theresa May’s government is failing on every single account. The people spoke in 2016, but democracy didn’t end there. The People now need to Take Back Control from this government in 2018 – and be given a vote on the Brexit deal.”

To clarify – the People’s Vote is not a re-run of the Referendum. So far the only deal put forward by the government – Chequers – is reportedly unpopular with either side.

More info on the People’s Vote including a petition can be found at