International work of art lands on the Isle of Wight

By Press Release Nov 2, 2021

A work of art named ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’, by sculptor, Donald Brown, has been handed to an Isle of Wight solicitors firm for safe keeping.

The sculpture, now on display at Churchers Solicitors in Ryde, was created by the international artist, who is also an accomplished athlete. The message it promotes, through the various disciplines, are the physical and spiritual benefits of sporting participation. For example, the team of rowers must all pull together to make a difference and the hurdler represents the many barriers we may have to cross in life.

A bronze resin copy of the original was presented to the Island Games Athletics Team Manager to promote the Isle of Wight Athletics Team that competes biannually at the Island Games. Churchers Solicitors is currently the team sponsor, so are custodians of the piece.

Solicitor, Ian Robinson, said, “To be custodians of this amazing sculpture is a complete honour. The detail and story it tells is truly spectacular. The sculpture will be displayed in our Ryde office for the enjoyment of our clients and staff. A huge thank you to the Isle of Wight Athletics Team for trusting us to look after it on their behalf.”

Nick Groocock, head coach at Isle of Wight Athletics, said, “Churchers Solicitors has given us the opportunity to compete by continuing to be our main team sponsor therefore we wanted to give them something to say thank you. We hope they see this sculpture as a reminder of all the Isle of Wight athletes they have helped achieve their sporting dreams.”

A further copy is available to purchase, with funds raised going directly to the team’s expenses for the 2023 Guernsey Island Games. To find out more contact Nick Groocock on

Header image : Nick Groocock presents sculpture to Ian Robinson