Hear the story of the IW volunteer soldiers

Patrick Crowley

On Friday, April 12, retired army colonel, Patrick Crowley, will be coming to the Drill Hall, in Newport, to talk about the history of volunteer servicemen on the Island.

Last year saw the publication of Patrick’s book ‘Rose, Castle and Crown’, a unique history of the part-time soldier of Hampshire and the Island, from the time of the militia, yeomanry and volunteer, through to the Territorial Army and today’s Army Reserve.

For centuries, the country has defended its shores with a mixture of regular and auxiliary soldiers. All military volunteers, throughout history, have had to balance the requirement of their service with family demands and their main civilian employment. This book tells their story, including the three brothers in the IW Rifles who were all killed on the same day in Gallipoli 1915, inspiring the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

The book, published by Medina Publishing in Cowes, has been very well received with Battlefield magazine praising it for being ‘..an impressive piece of research, doing justice to the often overlooked aspect of volunteer military units.’

The talk begins at 6.30pm next Friday (April 12) at the Drill Hall on Drill Hall Lane, in Newport. Tickets are £5 and available from Medina Bookshop in person, from iw.observer/rosecastleandcrown or by phoning 300044.