Father Christmas at Hunnyhill

By Chris Cornford Dec 22, 2020

Father Christmas arrived at Hunnyhill Primary School yesterday afternoon (Thursday) on a horse-drawn chariot, loaded with presents for the pupils, and he got a very enthusiastic welcome.

The decorated chariot was provided by well-known Island carriage driver, Tiger Penn, who admitted to being a little concerned when he and Lewy, the beautiful palomino horse pulling the 1910 ex-London delivery trolley, drew up to cheers and applause from so many youngsters. Tiger said: “Although I’ve been carriage driving for many years, this was the first time I’ve ever given Santa a lift. I was concerned that Lewy might be a little overwhelmed with all the noise and bustle, but he behaved absolutely beautifully. It was a real treat to see all the children so excited and happy at the end of such a difficult year.”

Eight-year-old Tyler  and six-year-old Alanna  were the first to meet Santa and were happy to pose to have their photo taken with him.