Don’t mess with karate stars Tom and Amanda!

Amanda and Tom

Tom Porter and Amanda Osman have both been awarded their second dan (ni-dan) black belt at a recent course and grading held at Newport IOW Shotokan Karate Club.

Tom, from Cowes, started karate when he was six in 2011, with his brother, Sam, and in 2015 moved to the Newport club to train under sensais Malc Bradley and Mick Lambert (sensai is Japanese for teacher). He achieved his first black belt the following year.

He has competed at junior level in national competitions, taking a three-year break during Covid. He returned to the club in 2023. He said: “I would like to thank all the dedicated sensais that have helped me over the past year to achieve this grade. With a special thank you to late sensei, Malc Bradley, for all his encouragement and help over the years.”

Amanda, from Northwood, started martial arts in 1990 at the age of eight. Her father, Tony Hunns, was a chief instructor at the IW Karate Association before it closed. She achieved her first black belt in 1998.

She started training at the Newport club in the early 2000s with her father. She said: “My training hasn’t been continuous. Starting a family meant that I didn’t train as much and, unfortunately, Dad passed away unexpectedly in 2012. I found it extremely hard to go without him, as this was our thing to do together.

“When my daughter, Jessica, was old enough to start training, I couldn’t wait to get her started and it gave me an incentive to re-start. I cannot thank the club sensais enough for their patience, encouragement and determination to get me through it. So now, I wear my ni-dan grade with pride and in honour of my Dad and sensai Malc Bradley.”