Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Dog owners warned after poison found in forest

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Vets have warned dog owners to be vigilant when walking their pets at Marks Corner on the edge of Parkhurst Forest.

Green, Roberts and Butler, ‘the Carisbrooke Vets’, took to social media this week to warn that they are caring for ‘a number’ of dogs who have swallowed bright blue pellets, believed to be rat poison. They said on Facebook: “We dislike giving attention to the type of individual who would do such a thing, but please take care if walking in the area.”

Dog trainers and behaviour specialists, Complete Canine, disclosed that the poison had been laced with food to encourage animals to digest it. Three dogs in their care had eaten the poison, but ‘were okay’ after receiving urgent veterinary treatment. They later went and cleared up two full bin bags of poison that had been ‘strategically placed in so many piles around the path we wouldn’t have had a hope in hell of avoiding it’. They also found screws in the parking areas in the vicinity’, an apparent attempt to damage cars.

It follows similar incidents reported in November last year.

Hampshire police have been informed and warning signs have been placed at entrances to the forest. Any anyone with information should contact the police quoting incident number 44200441569.