Cracks appear in recently-resurfaced Newport road

An Island councillor is demanding to know why deep cracks are already appearing in a road that was resurfaced only 12 months ago.

Ward councillor for Parkhurst, Cllr Andrew Garratt, took photographs at Noke Common Road showing cracks that are 20cm deep.

Asking Island Roads for an explanation, Cllr Garratt also questioned the delays in making repairs, and warned:  “Cracks like this, in places 20cm or more deep, and two centimetres or more wide, are a real hazard particularly for those on two wheels”.

In response, Island Roads has said the cracking was an expected consequence of ground movement.

Noke Common Road crack

“Such movement is not uncommon in prolonged periods of dry hot weather – such as that experienced this summer – and ground heavy in clay is particularly prone. This is what appears to have caused the cracking in a section of Noke Common which has a history of similar movement. Many areas on the mainland are also experiencing similar cracking due to this type of movement.

“We will shortly be undertaking a programme of works to seal cracking at Noke Common and a small number of other sites on the Island where similar ground movement has occurred.

“The cost of this work will, of course, be met by Island Roads.”