Covid-19: 14 people have died in care homes, in hospice or at home

DEATHS due to Covid-19 outside of hospital on the Isle of Wight have more than doubled in the past week — with a bigrise in care homes.

Figures released today (Tuesday) from the Office for National Statistics show  14 people have now unfortunately died in care homes, in hospice or at home — up from six in the last statistics released.

Data collected of the number of deaths which occurred by May 1, but not registered until May 9, has found a spike in the number of care home deaths on the Island.

Seven new deaths were registered to at care homes on the Island between April 24 and May 1, bringing the number up to ten since the outbreak started.

Public Health England has said one in four care homes on the Island have either had positive tests of coronavirus or have reported symptoms.

A third person has now died at home from Covid-19, and one in a hospice.

As of May 11, 31 people had died in St Mary’s, the Isle of Wight’s only hospital, bringing the total number of fatalities on the Island due to Covid-19 to 45.