Councillors plea to ‘enjoy’ the fireworks as Floating Bridge struggles

The Floating Bridge will be given a helping hand from “work boats” for its busiest shift of the year.

The service will operate during the end of regatta fireworks display on Friday night (August 10) with an escort of work boats on both sides of the vessel.

The cross Medina service is currently out of service and has experienced issues for the past 48 hours.

Councillor Karl Love of East Cowes Town Council has apologised to tourists and residents, he hopes people will still come out to enjoy the fireworks display at 9.30pm.

The Jenny Lee ferries passengers across the Medina as Floating Bridge service fails on Aug 9 – by J.Sheath

He said: “Sorry is all I can say about the floating bridge fiasco, but that’s not enough to compensate all those who were stranded last night by the bridge failures and a launch service which ended at 11am.

“There will be a bridge service tonight so please come enjoy the town and fireworks and have a fun time.

“It’s an appalling situation and while it’s happened we needed to see a proactive, like for like replacement service, and we did not. We need to see a proper contingency plan in place to cope with the scale of visitor numbers expected today (August 10). We anticipate this will now be in place.

“I have been trying to extract information from Isle of Wight Council and our leadership about the bridge.

“Our town council was promised better communications, but what we have received is less than previously communicated to us. I do hope the thousands of Island residents remember this total fiasco and exclusion of local councillors from important communications at the next general election which I feel is coming soon.

“We have not heard a word from Bob Seely about this fiasco either?

“I can only apologise that I could not do more to support residents but I just don’t have any further information.  There will be a bridge service tonight so please come enjoy the town and fireworks.”

The Floating Bodge, by J.Sheath

A spokesman for Isle of Wight Council said: “They are workboats, which Cowes harbourmaster requested were in use alongside the floating bridge tonight.

“It’s not uncommon and we’ve used them before at certain tides.

“I can confirm extra security and lighting will be in operation on the floating bridge tonight.”

MP Bob Seely has been approached for comment.