Councillor to meet Southern Vectis to discuss bus route concerns

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A member of the Isle of Wight Council is to meet senior management of Island bus service provider, Southern Vectis, to share concerns about proposed changes to a popular bus route in Newport.

Newport West Ward Councillor Chris Whitehouse is to meet Simon Moye, Southern Vectis Operations Manager and Richard Tyldsley its General Manager on Friday 18th January to discuss possible changes to the number 38 bus route through the ward that he represents.

Speaking today Chris says: “The number 38 bus through my local area is a vital service for local residents, especially families with young children and the elderly with mobility challenges. Whilst the distance to the shops and health services is not huge, those with small children or who have difficulty walking or who need to carry heavy bags, rely upon this service. Even a small change of route could have major consequences, so a constructive discussion with Southern Vectis will be very timely so that I can reassure those local residents who have been in touch with me about this.”

The number 38 currently passes along Hinton Road, which, says Chris: “is universally agreed to be a parking nightmare, and it is the case that on occasion the bus has not been able to get through, so I do understand why Southern Vectis are concerned. But the best solution to this problem is to sort out the parking chaos, not to reroute the bus service and so leave many of my local residents stranded in their homes with no way of getting to the shops, doctors or other services they might need.

“I’m grateful to Southern Vectis for offering to have the meeting so that I can update them on progress that is finally being made by the Council to look at parking restrictions in Hinton Road and, in particular, the proper marking out of the bus stops. I’ve been pressing for this for 7 years so it would be a shame if the route was to be changed just as there’s light showing at the end of that particular tunnel.”

Chris will also be discussing with Southern Vectis his concerns about smoking in Newport Bus Station which have been raised with him by local residents.[/su_column]