Councillor says ‘enough is enough’ on housing in his ward

A controversial Isle of Wight Councillor has shouted out ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to housing development in and around his ward.

Speaking on Thursday (February 14), Councillor Chris Whitehouse said: “I cannot believe the proposed Island Plan that calls for around 430 houses in and around the Newport West Ward. Enough is enough.”

The draft Island Plan, produced by officers of the Isle of Wight Council, looks at the land that could be released for housing and identifies the possibility of 175 houses on the parts of the Carisbrooke College site that are no longer needed, land west of Sylvan Drive for 200 possible new houses, and land off Gunville Road for a further 60 houses.

“This is patently ridiculous” Cllr Whitehouse added “it’s simply bonkers to propose so many houses in our area. The infrastructure of roads, sewers, schools, doctors and public transport simply could not cope with this intensity of development. Already parking is a nightmare, traffic congested, services are stretched. I warned of this threat a year ago.

“We all agree that we need affordable and social housing for our own youngsters seeking to start out on their own, but these sprawling housing estates are not the answer. We don’t want more retirees from the mainland. We need low cost, rentable premises in town centres for our own children and grandchildren. I’m urging all my local residents to respond to the consultation on these plans before the deadline of 25th February.”