Councillor resigns from Empowering Islanders Group

By Carole Dennett May 3, 2024
Cllr Dave Adams

Isle of Wight councillor for Nettlestone & Seaview resigned from the Empowering Islanders (EI) group, the day after he voted against bringing in a new committee system this year. His vote, along with Cllr Geoff Brodie’s, brought down the plan by the Tory and EI group to take over the Isle of Wight Council.

Following his election as an independent councillor in May 2021, Cllr Adams has been a member of the Alliance administration, and, more recently, a member of the EI group at County Hall. He has consistently argued that the new Island Planning Strategy should be based on exceptional circumstances, which he hoped would cut the number of houses built on the Island. However, reports from planning specialists and a senior barrister raised fears that it could increase the housing targets. The draft Island Planning Strategy was passed by the council at a meeting on Wednesday.

Announcing his departure from the EI group, Cllr Adams said yesterday (Thursday): “I am committed to serving my residents, first and foremost, who want to see me remain as an Independent councillor.

“I joined EI with the intention of securing exceptional circumstances for the Island Planning Strategy to prevent over-development; sadly that opportunity has now passed. I would like to thank my colleagues for all their input in trying to deliver exceptional circumstances, and their hard work and assistance in general, and I wish them well.”