Council takes measures to prevent Lynnbottom queueing

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The Isle of Wight council is taking measures to prevent queueing at Lynnbottom Recycling Centre, in Newport.

The slip road, which has seen many residents queueing outside the recycling centre from 9am, causing disruption to traffic on Briddlesford Road, will be closed until the site opens at 10am.

This move means users will not be able to queue before this time and may be moved on by traffic enforcement. Once the recycling centre opens, the slip road will also open for access, which will enable vehicles to enter and queue in the normal way.

“Safety for residents on the highway network is paramount for the council and we again respectfully ask site users to avoid queueing at Lynnbottom before it opens at 10am. The queueing we have seen is affecting commuters travelling to work and creating the tailback we all wish to avoid. So my advice to people who wish to use the centre is to plan your arrival for after it opens. Data shows the congestion eases after 11.30am and is generally lightest after 3pm,” said Council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart.

“We recognise this is not an ideal situation but if people can be more flexible about when they go to the tip, we should be able to reduce delays and maintain safety.”

The traffic congestion has also been impacted by a ‘perfect storm’ of roadworks on a number of roads into Newport, causing drivers to use the route in from the Robin Hill roundabout, at the same time as the build-up of traffic wishing to access Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.

Councillor Michael Murwill, Cabinet member responsible for waste management, added: “The council have been monitoring the situation on a daily basis to identify the reasons for the traffic delays and as well as the recent road works and the normal annual increase in footfall for this period, the vehicles queuing from 9am on the slip road has added to the congestion in the general Downend area. The decision to stop cars from queuing until the site opens will help prevent possible accidents occurring.

“We are also looking at existing issues and how they can be resolved to improve traffic flow, such as the problem with vehicles turning right to go to the Brading Downs, at the Hare and Hounds traffic lights.”

Lynnbottom Recycling Centre is open seven days a week, between 10am and 6pm.