Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

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Compton Bay car park bale fire ‘absolute stupidity’

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Bales of hay, which were thought to be set of fire deliberately, have been described as ‘absolute stupidity’ by the Friends of Freshwater Fire station.

Two fire crews from Freshwater Fire rushed to the car park at Compton Bay last night (Sunday) after they were alerted to a fire. It was discovered bales of hay, which along with cones, which had been put in place to block access to the car park during the lockdown, had been set on fire. The station posted on Facebook: “Absolute stupidity! Freshwater’s H79P1 and H79W1 just returned from a fire at Compton car park where hay bales and cones blocking the car park seem to have been set on fire deliberately.

“This is beyond stupidity, this kind of action during this national crisis puts the community, the environment and the Fire Fighters and their families at risk. Please for the sake of your families, your community and your future just stay at home!”

Credit: Friends of Freshwater Fire Station
Credit: Friends of Freshwater Fire Station