Community Spirited ‘Go Bald’ fund-raiser

By IW Mar 22, 2022
Mary Seymour (far left) with Community Spirited's Crafty Knit and Natter Group

More than £3,500 was raised through the Community Spirited Cafe, thanks to a ‘4 Go Bald’ fund-raiser.

As we previously reported (IW Observer, Jan 28), family and friends rallied around Marie Clements who was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told she would lose her hair with the treatment, with four others having their heads shaved to support her.

The event was organised by Jane Allchorn, who helps run the cafe at the Parkside Pavilion, East Cowes.

Jane said: “We raised a grand total of £3,500. Our community group will receive £2,000; the Applegate Breast Cancer Support Group, run by Mary Seymour, will receive £1,000 and £500 was given to Marie and her family to help them cope financially. Marie has had to wait months to get an extra payment to help her, due to having treatment and not being able to earn a normal wage due to being poorly.”

Jane added: “The cafe has now received funding from ‘Connect4communities’ and this money is to help individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. We can help with electricity, gas and food. We also have a small amount of funding for warm coats.

“Shortly, we are starting a ‘community pantry’ scheme. People with families can come in weekly and pay £5 and we will give them £15 worth of food. It’s a bit like a foodbank, but we ask for a small contribution.”

The Community Spirited Cafe is open during the week with a Listening Cafe on Tuesday, ‘Craft and Knit and Natter’ on Wednesday and an older persons Youth Club on Thursday.”

You can find out more at or call 296592.