College sends a message of love to the planet

On Valentine’s Day, students and staff at Cowes Enterprise College sent a message of love to the planet.

Students were given the opportunity to plant wildflower seeds in biodegradable pots and to write a message for the earth on a recycled paper marker or on a wooden lolly stick. These wildflower seeds will be lovingly cared for until they are ready to be planted in a wildflower meadow which is hope will attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

Senior member of the Academy’s Eco Council, Lotty Green, said “this is a great idea that both is actively helping the environment in our school and linking to the theme of the strike. This is such a good way to boost the impact of the strike and get involved in some way.”

This follows Cowes Enterprise College’s continued theme of ‘Use Education, Don’t Lose Education’ for the #FridaysForFuture Climate Strike action.