Chest freezer donation supports vital meals service

The Covid19 Crisis is making it difficult for many Foodbanks and Soup Kitchens to fulfil their missions at a time when they are needed the most.

The sharp and sudden economic crisis and movement restrictions caused by the pandemic has seen many businesses close, and donations to foodbanks in some areas reduce, as people stockpile for themselves. Leaving many vulnerable individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and receive the wholesome food needed to stay healthy.

The Congregational Church in Pyle Street has been supporting the needy and homeless for over 4 years and in the current crisis has teamed up with Age UK to get as many meals safely to those vulnerable and in most need at this time. The safest way to do this is in frozen food portions. .For them, supplies of much needed fresh produce has not been the issue, but being able to freeze the volumes of food being prepared is.

To help manage the situation, Cowes based Vectis Refrigeration have donated a large Chest Freezer to The Congregational Church and The Pop-up Soup Kitchen, which will also be fully maintained by them at no cost. Rev Mark Evans comments: “This is a brilliant coming together of island business, charity and people of faith wanting to serve the islands needy at a time of crisis.”

Whilst support from the public and supermarkets provides the fresh food and ingredients, these needed to be quickly turned into soups and meals, and then frozen, giving rise to an urgent need for the large chest freezer to freeze the soups and meals prior to them being distributed to those in need.

Will Overton of Vectis Refrigeration adds: “I first met Rev Evans at a meeting with Foodbank and was really pleased when he contacted me to highlight the need for a chest freezer. It comes at a time when we are working hard with Island supermarkets and convenience stores to ensure their freezers and cold cabinets are working effectively to keep food in the best condition for customers at this time of high demand. So agreeing to provide and maintain the chest freezer to ensure The Congregational Church and Age UK can deliver this essential support was an easy decision for me to make.”