Busking returns to Newport town

By IW Observer.co.uk Mar 10, 2022

The Island Busking Collective is now presenting performers and street entertainers every week in St Thomas’s Square, Newport. Their goal is to bring local performers and members of the community together to enjoy quality entertainment.

The Island Busking Collective is part of a project to give more vibrancy to Newport, whilst also supporting local musicians and young people. They want to create shared experiences and regenerate Newport’s identity, as they claim busking helps to create intimacy and social tolerance between members of the local community.

The concept was introduced by Market Days CIC last year, as a pilot scheme to help regenerate Newport.

Stephanie James, from Island Busking Collective, said: “Busking helps to create shared experiences between performers and people passing by or watching.

“Good buskers add colour and atmosphere, encouraging people to stick around and enjoy the town and its market.”