Boris brings a new lease of life to care home residents

By Chris Cornford Apr 11, 2021

The residents of a West Wight nursing home have a new spring in their step – thanks to a bunny called Boris.

Boris, named after the Prime Minister, made his bow this week and has already won the votes of the residents of Inglefield Nursing Home, Totland Bay. His arrival was the idea of care assistant Leah Wherry, who said: “We thought the residents needed something to cheer them up, so I told them about a lady I know who had some bunnies and showed them photos.
“They all thought it was a good idea so, after speaking with the activities staff and coming together with a plan of action, I spoke to our manager, Charlotte Willis, who gave us the go-ahead.
“The residents were delighted and I said they could name the rabbit. They wanted it to be Covid-related and decided on Boris after Boris Johnson.
“I then made a plea on social media to raise some money to buy him a hutch and, within minutes, I had lots of responses. People wanting to give us inside cages and outside hutches, straw, hay and food. We’re all so very grateful for this.

“Boris arrived on Good Friday and the residents were all so chuffed and so happy.”
As well as being at the home as a pet, there is another positive side to his appearance.
Leah added: “We have already seen a new lease of life from the residents, especially the residents with dementia.

“Each morning, I take Boris round to them in the activities lounge. He brightens up Inglefield and has brought a lot of joy to the home in this short period of time. They absolutely adore him.”
Boris also has his own Instagram account. You can find him at