Bob Seely says Bembridge Parish Council must ‘justify their actions’

Island MP Bob Seely has written to a Bembridge resident to express his support for the democratic poll regarding the sale of 5/7 High Street.

Mr Seely wrote to Elizabeth Mitchell on August 13, he said in his letter: “Thank you for your recent email to my office regarding the sale of 5/7 High Street, Bembridge. I am supportive of local democracy and believe that the Parish Council need justify their actions to the local community.”

Mrs Mitchell wished to thank Mr Seely for his reply.

Bembridge Parish Council have been contacted for a response.

The letter supporting democracy in Bembridge – Elizabeth Mitchell

The sale of 5/7 High Street has been a long running issue which stems back to a poll on May 29 which asked the following question: “Do you want Bembridge Parish Council to sell 5/7 High Street – Yes or No?”

The poll concluded on June 28 when the parish voted “no” overwhelmingly, with 602 votes against the sale of Captain Stan’s, to 231 “yes” votes, Isle of Wight Council documents show.

Deciding against the popular vote, BPC listed the property with Gully Howard estate agents who confirmed the advertisement of 5/7 High Street on July 20 with a guide price of £185,000.

BPC own 5/7 High Street which houses public toilets, Captain Stan’s fish shop and the former BPC chambers.

This story originally appeared in print on August 17 with an incorrect and misleading headline. IW Observer apologises for the mistake and will endeavour to make sure it doesn’t happen again.