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Cyclefest at Merstone

The Island hosted a weekend festival of cycling and endurance challenges, with participants from across the country, with around 3,000 cyclists and 2,000 ultra-athletes.

Randonee riders on the floating bridge

Wayfarer Cycle Touring Club organised their annual Randonee on Sunday, established in 1985, with 100km (62 mile) and 65 km (40 mile) routes from Bembridge to Yarmouth and Freshwater, and Ventnor to East Cowes, with charities fund-raising on the route.

Spokesman, Vic Mann, said: “It all went off really well. I think we probably had more than 3,000 taking part who were registered, with a lot of other cyclists joining us for a ride on the day.

“The weather was glorious at the start which brought out everyone, although there were showers later in the afternoon, which made the roads slippy, and I understand there was one accident when a cyclist came off near Brading. But, overall, it was fantastic and a great success.”

Ventnor Rugby Club provided a much needed ‘pit-stop’ in the early morning mist, with a samba band and dancing troupe to add to the colourful spectacle.

Cycling was also the highlight of the Merstone Cyclefest, a family-focussed biking bonanza, with bike checks, organised routes and entertainment.

Runners, joggers and walkers were also out in force on both days, taking part in the Isle of Wight Ultra-Challenge. Around 2,000 adventurers took on a variety of challenges across the weekend, setting out from the Chale base-camp. The full challenge was a 106km (66 mile) round-Island route taking in some stunning scenery. Other challenges included ¾, ½ and ¼ route options. There were also cross-Island events with 25km (15½ mile) and 10-mile (16km) options. A number of charities benefitted and participants received t-shirts and medals.