Apple crumble on the menu for Sway cook up

By Chris Cornford Feb 16, 2021

A recent Zoom cook-up, by the families and young people of South Wight Area Youth Partnership (SWAY), reached over 20 households and a delicious apple crumble was the result of the latest session of the Box Project.

SWAY’s Box Project is aimed to bring people together, especially during lockdown when groups cannot meet for their normal sessions. Many families are feeling anxious, especially those living in rural areas where transport is expensive and not always available, meaning they do not get to socialise with others.
The ‘Box Project’ has been set up to overcome isolation and share activities, encouraging healthy and delicious foods on a budget and inspiring creativity and artistic flair. Sponsorship to cover the ingredients and workers’ time are essential and grants are sought to cover these. The apple crumble ingredients were generously donated by Norris Family Grocers.
Lots of chat and conversation went on between households as they joined SWAY’s youth and families team to create and cook a healthy, tasty pudding. The Apple Crumble was as nutritious and economical as possible to encourage good eating on a realistic budget. Some had taken part before, but for others it was their first time. The end results were enjoyed by all along with the fun of making it together.

Young people cooked with brothers, sisters or a parent and shared how it was going and admire each other’s photos. Yet again the talk was about what to cook next.
The next Box Project cook-up will be this evening (February 12), with more planned for March. Jennie Burke, SWAY’s family worker, said: “The atmosphere was relaxed, and it’s lovely to see everyone getting together and their confidence growing with cooking and each other as they keep in touch. We are all in this and can get through supporting each other as well as having a laugh and a joke, and good food.”

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