Virtual scouting skills back in use once again

By Chris Cornford Jan 19, 2021

Nobody knows how long we will be socially isolating this time round, but Island Scout leaders are proving, once again, that they can run a lively and interesting Scouting programme – virtually.
2020 was a memorable year for Isle of Wight Scouting for many reasons, most unexpectedly because they needed to develop instant skills in virtual Scouting.

Leaders ran virtual meetings, virtual games, virtual cooking, virtual St George’s Day, virtual fundraising, virtual VE day, virtual Remembrance Day and virtual learning-skills-for-life. But the most enjoyable events for everyone were the virtual camps. Hundreds of Scouts, together with family, friends and even parents, set up tents, forts, dens and undercover beds in their homes or gardens.

A spokesman for Island Scouting said: “We all pulled together through the lockdowns and had just started getting back to face-to-face Scouting and now – we’re back into lock down again! So, once again, our leadership team are working hard to bring virtual Scouting to over 1,000 young people on the Island. And yes, there will be more camping.
“A couple of our Scout Groups had been looking forward to going away to our Gilwell HQ campsite for the annual Winter Camp this weekend, but now hundreds of Isle of Wight Scouts and their friends and family will be having a Winter Camp at home instead. Much more cozy!

“Many of our Scouts are already planning their weekend “camping trip” with accommodation, food and activities. If you’d like to join in, visit the joining pages on our website at and start applying now. Family and friends are welcome to join you at home too!”