Cowes Town Council consider CCTV after toilet vandals strike

After vandals struck yet again, Cowes Town Council is now considering installing CCTV in its toilets.

At a meeting on Thursday, councillors debated whether the toilets needed to be closed at night, and whether CCTV should be installed.

Emergency services were called to another fire in the toilets at The Cut, off the High Street, at 6 am, on December 11.

The vandalism was of particular concern, as a new baby changing unit had just been fitted.
The town mayor, Cllr Paul Fuller, claimed that toilet roll holders had been vandalized prior to the fire.

Cllr Paul Fuller said: “This is a sad incident of thoughtless vandalism and the town council will press for the highest charges to be brought against those responsible.

“Cowes Town Council is committed to investing in our public toilets and it is a sad reflection on our town that our local precept payers will need to foot the bill to pay to repair damage caused.”