Using the power of flowers to help others

By Chris Cornford Apr 19, 2021

A new scheme for people, to grow their own flowers and give them to charity, is being launched by the Flower Patch Project IOW entitled ‘Sow, Grow, Give’.

The idea has come from Rebecca Savage, the Isle of Wight Care Home Friends’ co-ordinator who, last year, started the ‘Flower Bouquet Blessing’ scheme in which flowers were delivered to care homes.
Rebecca said: “We were able to give 50 care home residents, who were without family and friends at Easter, a flower card or bouquet.

“In order to help sustain this giving of flowers and, maybe, expand it to give to others, for instance, with mental health issues, I have now launched ‘The Flower Patch Project IOW’.
“The idea is people grow flowers in a patch in their garden, or a window box, and then give the flowers to support charities such as ours with our slogan ‘Sow, Grow, Give’.
“Over the course of last year, despite the lockdown restrictions, we distributed around 260 bouquets/arrangements, with a reach of 600 care home residents.

“We had a fabulous response and people were so grateful. One care home manager said: ‘You may not know what a difference a bouquet makes to those living with dementia. The presence of plants and flowers can have a healing effect, stimulate reminiscing, provide peace and quiet to help ease stress, anxiety, agitation and pain. A flower can make a lot of difference.’

“It just goes to show the power of flowers.”